Fans of Eva Cassidy will be very interested in seeing somewhere near her incarnation in the brilliant voice of Abi Farrell at the Camden Chapel this January. Abi is a brilliant find and I am very glad to say that I was one of the few to spot her first.

Abi Farrell has the attitude of a young Florence and the Machine, which means she is not afraid to flounce around on the folk side of style, while her singing is decidedly soul. Think Rita Ora / Diana Ross vibes. Whether she will become the next big folk/soul thing or not, she should. And that’s the point.

Get down to the Camden Chapel for a pretty amazing night of her sweet soulful, possibly dropped-straight-down-from-heaven voice. Yes, I’m gushing. But when you hear music this good, you kind of have to. Ok, be cool. But check out this clip of her and see what you think yourself:

The gig should be damn cosy and intimate. Find a cosy hipster cushion to on, next to a fake hipster candle and prepare to be impressed.

I am very excited to see where she is headed over the next few years. Eva died too young, here’s hoping for this amazing new young starlet.

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