Got another great live stream gig coming up on the 5th of June, 1pm (UK time) …

Adam Wedd is a great acoustic pop act, with a deep gravely voice, delicate picking and sharp chords and romantic lyrics – “I was so lost, I am my only friend, pours over my eyes, with my tail between my legs, oh my broken heart, will you love again?” I’m really looking forward to hearing him play.

He’s written a score for a movie and jammed with Ed Sheeren. He’s a fan of Sofar gigs, (intimate gigs where awesome musicians pop up in offices all over the country). So far (Sorry about that!) he’s played Swindon, London and Plymouth.

Adam’s a huge fan of playing live and touring, so of course we invited on the stream. He’d love to play ‘Later with Jools Holland’, so Jools, if you’re listening to the stream?!

Luke Jackson is an act to blow it out the park. He seems like a real showman. He has an ease about him.

His voice strangely sounds like both Spandau Ballet and Ed Sheeren and Mumford and Sons. He sounds familiar, but his voice has a unique sound that could only be Luke Jackson. He sings a sweet kind of country blues folk pop, with strong guitar skills and vocal vibratos.

This guy blows me away.

As you can tell from a blog post Alex wrote for me last year, I was already a fan of Juliet Garret.

Her songs are mesmerising. She makes you want to live a life as a vagabond artist and wear green and smoke at the piano.

All the best artists (imho) write well and sing humbly, and she does both. “I don’t have time for pretty strangers, I just have time for friends.”

She has a jazzy vibe to her voice. If I’m on a beach or by a fireside, I want Juliet by my side.

She is also a little beam of light, which is always nice to see 🙂 Here’s the perfect tune for lockdown blues:

Listen live on Friday here.

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