Ever heard the one about the jazzy, bluesy, folky performer, with Eastern flavours? Best known for her folky-bluesy harp playing and husky vocals, Alice Phelps will be performing with London-based band, Struttin’ Time. Regularly collaborating with other artists, this grouping is a first.

Ever wondered what a night in New Orleans might be like? No need to trek halfway across the world to imagine the street jazz and cool vibes. Just come down to Green Note instead. An award-winning intimate live music venue in Camden Town (known for its boho feel with exposed brickwork, cosy seating and small stage), where the state of Louisana meets London.

I’m stoked about this gig. It’s not every day you get to hear such a unique sound – folk meets blues with an added bit of Celtic and Eastern influence. I don’t know how she does it or how she gets to grip with so many different genres, blending them so perfectly. It’s all a bit magical. Get a taste of her style from her songs “Drift to sea and “Still to see what might be in store.

Alice and the band will have you foot tapping and bar-stool dancing in minutes with a groovy line up of songs. Along with trumpeter, Jonny Enser, and double bassist, Geoff Threadgold, all three will be jamming together for an evening of blues and jazz, with some great offbeat rhythms and soulful harmonies that really tug at the heartstrings. Reminisce back to the days of the greats – Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller – and you’re there.

Great for a night out with your mates, put on your dancin’ shoes and come away feeling on top of the world.

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