Alxndr London is the epitome of cool.

His voice is smooth like buttermilk. He’s got that sexy falsetto, with a hint of a London accent. What I like most about this guy, is he’s not only a musician, he’s an artist. A soulful pusher of boundaries. He’s soul / hip hop / spiritual / synth with a dash of African drums.

His lyrics comprise of fragments of phrases that make up a kind of soundscape / dreamscape to give a general impression of what he’s thinking and feeling. And he’s usually talking about pretty deep stuff – sex, death, culture, politics, religion. And the tunes are catchy enough to carry this abstraction, so even the biggest pop culture fans wouldn’t be put out.

 His performance on colors has had 2 mil views. I think you call that viral.

 So, why would you wanna go see Alxndr? This is the perfect gig if you’re stressed out. If you love soul. Or if you want to see any artist that has “no ceiling or full-stop”.

Alxndr London at the Jazz café. Get yourself there, before I lose my mind. Because y’all just can’t be missing out on music this good.


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