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Half Moon Panic






Half Moon Panic (HMP) was formed in April 2019 for a one-off show to celebrate Taj’s birthday. Paul Cook from the Paul Cook Blues Band was at that show and immediately asked the guys if they could play at his summer festival. We couldn’t resist, so Taj and Gerard went on the hunt for a permanent drummer. Russ Hammerhead Steven’s was that drummer. As a 3 piece power trio, HMP played the prestigious ‘International Jazz and Blues’ festival in Rye. George Mian also played the guitar at several shows. The band decided that it needed an additional voice and Cheryl Taylor joined on vocals supporting Gerard. Cheryl went on to form her own project and the band’s disappointment was short-lived as Ophelia Mancini stepped into the frame to provide beautiful harmony vocals. During 2020, a year none of us will forget, the band solidified and came together to write the debut album.