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Lady Rage




In a studio on the outskirts of London, a group of girls prepare for battle. Each week they unpack their guitars, drums and microphones. They write riffs, pound out bass lines, stomp drum beats, and lyrical screams can be heard echoing around them; they are loud, fast paced, angry, heavy and unstoppable. 
 Lady Rage are a band like no other. Their girl riot esc sound, spliced with aggressive punk riffs, grungy undertones and rocky beats are a perfect match of genres. These chicks equal trouble and won’t play by the rules. Ready to shake things up, they’ll break through the endless ordinary, simplistic, popular, meaningless cascade of artists and burn the strings of the puppeteers working behind every money-hungry entertainer monopolising the music industry today. The target to dominate music is in sight but their battle has only just begun. Enemies loom and many obstacles to overcome draw near. 
 You’ve been warned.