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“A perfect storm of blues, rock and roll, and soul.” - Emma Schoors — Unclear Magazine The acclaimed debut EP from Logan J Parker couldn’t come at a better time. As music today is ever-changing, she remains in her roots being true to herself as an artist. Logan J Parker is a London based multi-talented musician. With her voice, instrumentation, and songwriting, she has built up a solid career in music, leading to her self-titled debut extended-play release in 2019 through her independent label. Logan wants to be one-hundred percent involved in her artistry and continues her passion for music through her live performances, engagement with her social media following, and creating further projects with her regular wrecking crew of A-list musicians. Cueing influences from the likes of Memphis Minnie and Screaming Jay Hawkins, she engages with the occasional blues covers into her live setlists along with her original material. Her compositions are a blend of old Blues, Soul and 60's Rock and Roll with a touch of modern-day sophistication.

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