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Manners & Profanity
Alternative rock
Indie rock




Manners And Profanity are an Alternative/Indie Rock band consisting of: Ricky Allen – Rythm Guitar and Lead Vocals, Billy Allen – Drums and Backing Vocals, Alex London - Lead Guitar, Doug Segal - Bass and Backing Vocals. The Album ‘Bad Temptations’ will bring a montage of real life personal struggles, relationships, sex, drugs, over indulgence - all knitted together with a raw, uplifting feel. 'Bad Temptations' could quite possibly be considered as 'Anthems Of Modern Life'. 'Bad Temptations' was recorded as a 3 piece in 2021, and gives off a 2010s Indie Folk Vibe. 2022 sees a new lineup, and new material to go with our brand new sound.