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Nika Timos
Indie pop






Nika Timos(born July 21, 1994. St.Petersburg, Russia) is a metallurgist with a bachelor's degree. She worked at a plant for four years , learning the properties and structure of metal. But that's a completely different story... Nika Timos is a singer, songwriter, beat-maker, producer and composer based in the UK. From the age of eight, she attended music school(piano class) for seven years. Not particularLy satisfied with singing in the choir, Nika began to compose her own songs. After releasing her first single Freedom in 2019, in which she focused on the pains of domestic violence and toxic relationships, she has continued to create music at an increasing rate. Her songs were featured on BBC Introducing (Oxfordshire and Surrey & Sussex) and played on local radio stations and beyond. Going up and down the UK Nika successfully played her music in Newcastle, Oxford, London, South Shields and more; as well as performing festivals such as Putney, Bicester Festivals, Witney Pride and OYAP.

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