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Pihka Is My Name




Pihka Is My Name is a band fronted by an animation character called Pihka. She is a small robot, an imaginary friend who is not needed anymore. She finds herself forgotten in a snow covered forest. She sets off on an adventure on her own, sees the city and all the busy humans with their problems. Pihka Is My Name is a project of PihkaSound, a Helsinki-based production duo. It consists of composer/pianist/arranger Henna Helasvuo and producer/synthesist/engineer Lasse Turunen. Their previous collaborations include a Finnish-speaking pop band Pihka ja myrsky and multiple title music productions for Finnish television. Helasvuo is also known for her classical music compositions, and Turunen has made a name for himself with the Finnish electro pop group Ukkosmaine.

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