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The Atomic Bitchwax
Heavy Metal
Hard rock




United States


The Atomic Bitchwax is an American rock band from New Jersey, formed in 1992 by bassist/singer/songwriter Chris Kosnik, guitarist Ed Mundell, and drummer Keith Ackerman. They did not release their first full-length album until 1999, upon signing with TeePee Records. Mixing elements of 1960s psychedelic rock and 1970s riff rock filtered through modern progressive rock, their music has appeared in popular TV shows including Jackass, Home Wrecker, and various Fox Sports broadcasts.

The first version of the group became a local jam band playing the New Jersey and New York area. This lineup released two full-length records, a self-titled debut in 1999, and Atomic Bitchwax 2 in 2000. In addition, they released the Spit Blood EP in 2002 via the MeteorCity label. In 2004, Mundell was unable to keep up with the planned tour schedule and replaced by guitarist/vocalist Finn Ryan (formerly of Core). Since then, the band has released nine studio albums and have performed 1,500 live concerts. Their 2005 album “Boxriff” was engineered by Jack Endino.

Current Monster Magnet drummer Bob Pantella joined the band in 2007, and the album TAB4 was released the following year. In 2011 they released the album The Local Fuzz, which consisted of one 42-minute track of 50 riffs back to back. In the following years, the band toured throughout the world. Kosnik became a member of Monster Magnet in 2013, in addition to his duties with The Atomic Bitchwax. The album Gravitron was released in 2015, followed by Force Field in 2017. Ryan left the band after 15 years in 2018, and was replaced by Monster Magnet guitarist Garrett Sweeny.