The early millennials have left the unmistakable mark of their youth on Camden – the various blossoming alternative scenes of a 90s: the goths, the grebos, the skaters and the ravers, etc. From the sweat and booze-soaked boards of the Purple Turtle* to the futuristic grandeur of Cyberdog, Camden has been cited as a Mecca for alt kids of the 90s (by many of the bands on this very site).  So it feels only right that the alternative 90s celebration, Indie Daze Festival resides in Camden Borough, at the iconic 90s-esque Forum in Kentish Town.

As Indie Daze organiser and promoter, Grant Holby, told us…

It was important for Indie Daze to return to its spiritual home.”

The festival has been based at the Forum from the beginning. And though the name may have you expecting a run-down of the best in 90s Brit-Pop, the guys at festival bookers, Mute Elephant, take a much wider view of the ‘indie’ branding and bring together a nostalgic platter of everything from alt-rock to live electronic. It’s probably for this reason that despite the nostalgic premise, Indie Daze always manages to offer a quality line-up, hosting a selection of bands from the era that still seems as fresh and compelling as ever. Now in its sixth year running, 2019 sees the event welcoming possibly their most exciting line-up yet.

We make sure we book great bands! Although some old favourites keep coming back for more, we’ve always tried to shake things up.”

And they’ve certainly done that with legendary welsh alt-metallers, Therapy? topping the bill this year. Check out our article about why they should have you hopping up and down in anticipation right here!

We are really pleased to have been able to invite Therapy? along to the party.  They will close the day in style!”

Other acts to get excited about are one of my personal favourites the shoe-glancing**, alt-rockers Swervedriver.  Also, playful, electronic rock pioneers Pop Will Eat Itself: if you’re unfamiliar with them, imagine fuzzy guitar riffs cleaned-up and packaged up for public consumption in a kookie wrapper of electro-samba beats, minimalistic synths, and quasi-rap vocals.  And of course, another of the more recognisable names on the bill, Utah Saints.  Stars of the early 90s British house scene, Utah Saints helped bring electronic dance music into the mainstream with their clever use of pop and rock samples over layers of catchy synth-based melodies and pumping dance beats.

Utah Saints were amazing in Brighton last December, we’re sure they’ll do again for us at Indie Daze. We are looking forward to hearing Kingmaker play live in London for the first time since God was a boy.”

Pop Will Eat Itself Live

Pop Will Eat Itself

Some of the highlights for me over the years have been The Wonderstuff headlining in Year 2, The Levellers playing to a packed out 100 Club, a Jim Bob singalong in the middle of the day, the determination to get Voice of The Beehive back and Pop Will Eat Itself…every single time they play!”

As a child of the mid-eighties, growing up in the nineties myself, I’m not ashamed to say this line-up already has me digging out my wallet-chains, hair-gel and cargos and messaging all my mates on MySpace to get our pre-game on.

If you fancy venturing a bit further out, you can also check out the Indie Daze sister events at the 100 Club on Oxford St throughout the week.  Otherwise, you can catch Indie Daze Festival 6 at The Forum in Kentish Town this Saturday. The full line-up is below and you can book your tickets right here.

Indie Daze at The Forum line-up

*Now sadly closed. Support your local music scene!

** You see what I did there? You know, because they meld shoegaze with heavier alt. rock sounds?! Well I thought it was clever…


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