On the 1st of December at 8pm (BST) we have a few beauties playing the stream

All of the acts on this stream have actually played for us before, and Eric 13 is definitely one of our most memorable performers, drinking at (what was it?!) around 7am in the morning to the spirit of rock n roll. He gave a strong performance as a solo acoustic set, despite being used to the band set up (I suppose an adjustment that a lot of band vocalists have had to make over the last six months).

Eric is most well known for being a member of Combichrist. But I just know him as the guy with good attitude. His cover of ‘Perfect Day’ alone is worth rewatching our old stream.

He has this deep sonorous voice that sounds timeless. Great to have him back.

Vic Allen is back baby! She’s the country artist that takes her influences from John Mayer, Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert. And it was her trip to the states to work on a ranch that led to her discovery and love of country. She’s getting better with every song and can’t wait to hear her next releases!

Loving this new track, which is pretty catchy, liking the pop/country vibe:


Then we’ve got Bertille des Fontaines who promises to bring Parisian romance and “french songs about dreams and love, hope and freedom”. There’s a refreshing feeling to Bertille, a sort of innocence, despite her clear experience in the music realm.

Bertille is a french folk singer, and yet her songs have a touch of the experimental prog rock to them. You will love her if you like Les Souers Boulay or Pauline Croze. Her lyrics can be just as dirty as you might expect from rock songs… “Oh hear me, hear me, the dark is calling, oh save me, save me, the cold is whispering…”

“All this noise that distorts democracy / Will destroy like a self-fulfilling prophecy / That will burn our future to the ground oh / As it falls………” The Road Atlas’ new track, ‘Digging Graves’ is about as hard-hitting as you can get… It has to be one of their best tracks yet, with rockin’ riffs, a strong drum beat, harmonies, and political discourse… Can’t wait to have them back on the stream!

Checkit on the 1st of December at 8PM (BST) on the stream

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