Sleep will give you a night fuzz so thick, you’ll need to shave once they’re done with you. Sleep’s heavy, sludgy, stoner, doom is an outlet for cosmic mayhem down here on earth.

Al Cicernos’ unstoppable bass and vocal incantations are the aural embodiment of doom. His presence on stage is as if an Old Testament warlord picked up a bass instead of a battle axe. Don’t expect a swarming pit, but a writhing mass of possessed headbanging led by Al. Seriously, this guy doesn’t stop.

Sleep’s dedicated bootleg fan base keep the internet fresh with their material. They surprised everyone with their album The Sciences last year – their first LP since 2012.

The guys don’t seem to mind their stuff being uploaded onto Youtube. Proving it’s not about the sales — it’s about the music. With that in mind, I’ve stuck “Dragonaut” from the acclaimed Holy Mountain down below for your pleasure.

If you’re into Black Sabbath and punk and to be honest, smoking a bit of green, they should be on your radar.  Even one for the non-stoners, Sleep present a ticket to ride on the waves of what it is to be human. Creators of all-powerful, cosmic force.

This music is really making me spit out superlatives, because you cannot adequately express what it is to be at the show, you have to be at the show, just, be at the show.


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