London’s ice-cold rain could not chill the enthusiasm we all had for this first live in-person CMDN show finally allowed to go ahead as the Lockdown had been eased.  Though still, the St Pancras Old Church would only allow a limited capacity audience in a seated and spaced plan. This set-up changed the usual vibe charged with the standing and noisier fans into a more reverent, attentive mood where the audience hung onto every note and lyric. As we have been somewhat like cave-dwellers, hidden from music’s sunlight through lockdowns and only radiated by webcast live streams, this was an ideal re-introduction to the live music experience.

Ella Crossland sings strong and bright fronting Shake The Geek at St Pancras Old Church on May 21, 2021. 

The CMDN flags were out front. The merch table was loaded up with band CDs and people started arriving. What was it like? Find out –> Simona Martini hosted a set of behind-the-scenes live streams covering the prep, soundchecks and general wander around the venue. Check out the BTS here.

We filmed the sets and will be editing them down into Digital Gig shows that will premiere soon. Follow us on socials or sign-up to our newsletter to catch that.

Adam Wedd kicked off the 3 set show with energetic singing and guitar play. He showcased his new track “Hurricane.”

While the audience members may have been in the grip of shaking off their grogginess, the bands were pumped up and oiled for action. They had been rehearsing intensely over the last few weeks and were well ready for a massive dose of fan adoration.  The evening’s line-up was Adam Wedd, Midori Jaeger and then to close the show, Shake The Geek.

Adam Wedd brought his lively guitar-play in great form and was accompanied by a cellist. The cello added a wonderful soulful layer to his songs. As always, Adam is super charming and eager to engage with the audience. He debuted his great new track “Hurricane” as part of the set.

Midori Jaeger entranced the audience with her skillful cello-play and lush, sensuous vocals.

Next up was Midori Jaeger solo with her cello. Yes, it was a double cello rock evening! She performed a stunning set, fully enchanting and mesmerizing people. Her luscious vocals and powerful cello plucking poured out from the stage engulfing and resonating around the space while planting the captivating lyrics deep into our minds. It was like the space was made for her.

Shake The Geek then performed as the final band for the evening. The four-piece band hit the stage with a massive level of energy and got straight into their righteous form of power rock tracks led by Ella Crossland’s rich vocals. They ripped it up, hair flying, moving from one great track to the next. They played for about an hour, but it really felt like it whizzed by in minutes leaving us wanting still more. This is great, because they will be back in Camden soon playing at another CMDN presents show. Try to get your tickets here.

Freedom about to go full guitar-hero during Shake The Geek set at St Pancras Old Church

Catch a few clips from the performances here from our YouTube channel (hit subscribe to get alerts on new videos 🙂 ).

Check out the all BTS stream here on our YouTube Channel

Behind-the-scenes live-stream hosted by Simona Martini before and during the CMDN presents show at St Pancras Old Church in Camden on May 21, 2021

born again rock revival with Shake The Geek at the St Pancras Old Church 21 May 2021

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  1. Avatar Jonathan Himoff says:

    Adam, Midori and all the Geeks – awesome show! Thanks so much for getting the rock mojo flowing again! See you soon in CMDN!

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