All the bands were well-up for a great evening as they hadn’t been near the stage for a very long time due to the pandemic. We were pumped as we had to reschedule the show 3 times and now finally it was happening. Given the setting in the St Pancras Old Church it really did have a vibe of the bands renewing their vows to rock music. I take you electrified sound systems to love and to cherish and forsake any easy life in favor of my dedication to you. I promise to improve my skills and honor you — and set the volume as high as it can go.

Missed the show? Want to check out the bands? Listen to our show intro playlist here while you look at the show photos below. We will have some digital gig video of the performances ready soon. Get on the email list for an alert on the premieres. 

First up to honor the stunning venue was Dakka Skanks playing ska infused with punk. Clara Byrne showcased her strong and wonderful vocals sending lyrics careening across the stone walls and into people’s heads. It was a fantastic, energetic set that got everyone moving as much as they could in their church seats plus also challenging us to think about some of the hard topics from Grenfell Tower to inequality.  Even though some of Dakka Skanks’ material is hard, the fast beat and clear sounds keep the spirit very positive.

Tiffany Twisted was up 2nd with a massively eagerly awaited show. They hadn’t performed since their first gig as a band back at the Dublin Castle in 2019! This effectively debut show was well worth the wait. It was a shredding classic rock set featuring killer double lead guitar solos and Hetti Harper’s forceful singing. It was l0ud! Possibly enough to stir the catacombs below.

Birdeatsbaby came on after to end the evening. They brought an impressive amount of kit with them and played all instruments with great enthusiasm and expertise. Hannah even pushed it to switch between harp, cello and violin during the same song. It was a phenomenal performance with searing industrial grooves, especially on an awesome version of “Painkiller” (we will have that recording to share soon!).  Plus as expected wanton, combat-booted theatricality from Mishkin herself.

The whole evening went by in a quick blur, leaving buzzing ears and a major taste for more live music.

Check out some of the photos below. Don’t miss the next CMDN present show – check for tickets here.


Birdeatsbaby Gig Photos

Tiffany Twisted Gig Photos


Dakka Skanks Gig Photos



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