The currents of our live stream feature troubled waters and murky depths on May 26th, with a selection of compelling voices transmitted live to your homes.

Josh O Keefe – So many artists ‘sound like Bob Dylan’ but are actually quite naff and don’t really cut through with their verses. Josh O Keefe has an authentic and crackling voice rich in traditional folk stylings. His lyrics are less prismatically poetic than Dylan’s but speak with emotive sincerity about the issues of our times. (Check out moving live performances of ‘Grenfell Tower Fire’ and ‘Thoughts and Prayers’)

The latest single ‘Son Of The Working Class’ from the forthcoming album (featuring pleasingly 1950s style album design and released May 29th!) will strike a chord with listeners at a time when front line workers are being sent out in large numbers despite the dangers. Who else is writing songs like this right now?


Camden girl Eloise Viola brings us defiant and resolute pop. What You Gunna Do clearly wasn’t written at Boris and co, but as I am finding myself seeing everything through a lockdown lense of ‘WTF’ at the moment, it’s songs like this that are pulling me through and reminding me of the true need for real music right now. Note to self: must snap out of the languid melancholy, and keep working on being a ‘Better Me.’

London alt-rockers Chapter and Verse emit the musty aromas of Mars Volta, Linkin Park and Suede when leafing through their pages.  ‘Choruses’ may not feature in their name but they certainly crop up in the music – these are huge and hook-laden songs pierced by the high distinctive vocals of Josh Carter.

Tune in from 8pm.

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