As many are doing to keep the live music vibe going, we took to the internet to connect with artists locked-down in the homes and blocked from the clubs. From the UK to Northern California, we tracked down musicians who were meant to play at the legendary Dublin Castle but had their gigs canceled due to the pandemic.  On the one hand it was great to see and feel the energy from the bands, but it also made us miss the Dubby. Anyway, we jumped in together over skype and connected everyone into our first live stream — it rocked! Check the live stream highlights video below.

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In between the sets we also had the chance to chat with the artists.

Simona hosted and welcomed Gazel, Blaydek, Dakka Skanks and Velvet Starlings to the stream. The bands played their hearts out for us within the confines of their flats and houses. Extra big respect to Dakka Skanks who are front-line on the crisis.

Check out the stream highlights below:

Thanks for all your participation from all over the world! We are encouraged to do this again!

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