It’s slowly happening… music is coming back. It’s the summer and it’s time for jamming in the park.

Dom Glynn is bringing his country finger pickin’ along with a hoodlum group of musicians carrying amps, mics, and fairy lights. Bring your guitar, flowers, and waterproof coat…

Thunderstorms are going to sure make this gathering atmospheric. All going well, the forecasts won’t be accurate, and the sun will hold out for a little longer for the music.

If this year’s been anything to go by, you’d be a fool to be optimistic. But fools rush in… And I’ve performed a gig on red rocks in a lightning storm myself, and the crowd was still, well, a crowd, amazingly.

So, it’s worth turning up for. Rain in the summertime one of the coolest things you can experience. Especially with rock music in the background.

Amps and musicians will be protected by the bandstand. I’m just hoping they prep a gazebo and some tents. Actually, now I think of it, sounds like the perfect gig.

If you like that kind of thing… it’s happening tomorrow afternoon ’till late.


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