Monday is looking amazing for a change with two fierce rock bands playing live – in person – in Camden at the St Pancras Old Church! Maybe a few tix left if you jump on it. Buy tickets here.


Along with Phillip Rambow and the Snowflake Generation we were lucky enough to grab a chat with Dorja about their upcoming gig in Camden…

Each track from Dorja is a slammin’ slam dunk of blues and rock. Other than their ability to merge seamlessly as a band, I really admire their skills. Smart riffs and imo an excellent drummer. And the vocals kill.

With a big soulful voice, a dusting of Joss Stone, Evanescence and Janis Joplin, Aiym Almas is a performer who is confident on stage and she owns it.

Their lyrics WILL make you feel good: Hear me speak / It’s louder than what you might remember / See me shake not with rage / But with the energy I’ve gained.

This band kicks ass. What more can I say?

They will be supporting the Black Olives in, as they called it “an old church”. We’re told that’s historically accurate.

Check ’em out on the stream and grab tickets for their gig at St. Pancras Old Church if you’re free on the 12th Oct 2020.


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