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Maziac are my kind of rock. They’re not afraid of mixing it up with a back beat, exciting riff or change of time… What time signature is this? Drummers place all bets now!

With satisfyingly dreary vocals, this prog metal / rock band bring their tight play and catchy non mainstream riffs and hooks. Floydian waves coming from their guitars and a very English sounding Papa Roach vocal vibe this year. You’re welcome.

I am equally stoked for the next act who couldn’t be more opposite (even though being opposite is arguably an absolute state) to Maziac on the musical genre scale.

Anyone who’s played So Far sounds is alright in my book. He has a crooning voice that can catapult from one note to another with ease and grace. His music is firmly rooted in pop when recording, folksy in performance, and his voice has a consistent layer of brooding jazz.

Check his lyrics in “Plastic Magic”: He says ain’t it sweet the way the corners of her mouth always seem to be pointing to the sky?

Looking forward to this one.


Argyle Singh left his home at 19 with a bag and a guitar to busk around Europe. He had a good time, found some friends and ended up in Zurich, where he found his true love. I swear I’m not making this sh*t up!

That explains his longing for home in this song with his smooth jazzy Paolo Nutini vocals ’bout wanting to go back to Scotland. Singh has this magical kind of gruff to his voice, it’s slightly rough, which is refreshing to hear on a pop song.


Lastly but not leastly, Fields of Naecluda will be sharing their recordings with us along with a live interview.

This prog rock group from Grenoble, France are right up my street. As you might’ve noticed, we like having French artists on this show! But we’re open to all nationalities as long as we like the music 🙂

Fields of Naecluda recorded all of the instrumental parts of the last album (Fields of clouds) at their home studio, but for the vocal travelled to Belgium to record in a studio, and it took 5 days to record! So, you know, it better be good?!

Can’t wait to have them on the show…

This is our penultimate show of the year, so will see you there!

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