Dubs lead singer Courthouse working the groove in video for track “Diva”


Courthouse, forged in Rugby during 2019, kicked-out their first video of track Diva to showcase their lo-fi fusion sound blending neo-soul, funk, hip-hop and rock. Band is cool, so somehow this all works and leaves the riffs and chorus bouncing around in your head. Diva is a chill track, but you def get the feeling that this band can crank it up and blast away. You’ll have to wait on that until their upcoming EP is out.

Check the vid below and the quick Q&A:

CMDN: Wicked fusion of sounds – what inspired you guys to put the band together?

It was A natural progression of chance meetings, starting with Dubs and Sean, with the love of a good jam session, followed by meeting ‘like minded’ friends. The full five where  complete when  Jack joined in 2019.  Courthouse was ready to take on its journey..

CMDN: Where did the band name come from?

Courthouse, with the symbol of the ‘scales of justice’, to us it is the balance of life.  A lot of our Music relates to this balance. Good times, bad times, being happy and being sad.  Life  can at times be unsettling, but in the same time life can also level that out.  Also, we just happened to be in the pub called Courthouse in our local town when we where trying to come up with the band name.  It just made sense..

CMDN: If you guys weren’t in a band together what would do?

No other option other than make it happen! We unanimously agree that we would all make sure that our paths crossed so we could be in a band together. This was a united answer.

CMDN: What’s the backstory on the new track?

It is a breakup song. As it is from time-to-time that we find ourselves in relationships that become unhealthy for all involved. A song we are sure everyone can relate to.

CMDN: Any plans for new tattoos?

Always!!!! Once you start!!!!….


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Band Members:
David ‘Dubs’ Davies ~ Lead Vocals, Keys & Guitar
Sean ‘Seanius’ Clarke ~ Guitar 1, Vocals & Bass
Nathan ‘Nate’ Smith ~ Bass & Keys
Joey Adkins ~ Drums, Vocals & Samples
Jack Farren ~ Guitar 2, Vocals & Keys

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