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999, DamageUK, The Evil B'stards, The Dead Pollys and DJs We Got Killers

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999- Nick Cash, Guy Days, Pablo Labritain, Arturo Bassick hit the mojo riddled Dublin Castle stage again, last time they were awesome so don't miss their long anticipated return. For those of you living under the punk n roll equivalent of a stone (a Rolling Stone?) 999 were/are a fantastic first generation punk act with an amazing array of punk pop material that touches on glam, pop and rhythm n blues in part but always has the visceral high energy you’d expect and is ripe and rich with tunes tunes tunes. Nasty Nasty, Emergency, Homicide, Inside Out, Crime et al….brilliant band, and still absolutely ferocious live after all these years. DamageUK- Brian Damage (Nuffin) and co return with their angular Clash meets Adverts fiery punk rock ramalama. Loads of energy, and anthemic tunes that belt yoiu round the back of the swede. The Evil B'Stards - Any similarity to Menace when it comes to these B'Stards is purely coincidental, but you might get Noel early this Xmas. The Dead Pollys - vintage punkers with a searing sound that may or may not be pining for the fjords....