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Heavy Metal Kids 50th Anniversary Party


Heavy Metal Kids -  Celebrating their 50th anniversary,  the proto punk urchin rockers named after a gang of hoodlums in the William Burroughs novel Nova Express may no longer be kids but they can most  certainly still kick ass live. They were never quite heavy metal either, but their rancourous, razzle dazzle rock and roll took no prisoners then and now.  Original singer Gary Holton sadly left us for the great building site in the sky long ago, but over the years the frontman role has been brilliantly performed by the likes of keys man Danny Peyrennol and sometimes John 'Nick Cotton' Altman, L.A Guns' Phil Lewis and Justin McConville, having reformed in 2002. Come and celebrate 50 years of blustering rock and roll rave up good times tonight, it shall be no doubt Delirious.Continental Lovers -trash pop band from London. For fans of Cheap Trick, The Stooges, New York Dolls, The Buzzcocks, Ramones.NB Early Birds available until June 1st only