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Francesca Monte and Tizane

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Francesca Monte


Francesca Monte - ethereal spacy production numbers fronted by ice cool Italian soul belter...quite narcopop dreamy and agreeably out there pop psych moderne...techy beats, washes of sound and really great singing and conceptual thrust. Francesca started her current project with the London based record label “Rotbaum Records”, working on a new album called “Alièn” in 2019 and other singles like “Hello Monsters”, “Little Girl”, “Boy”, “Vertigo”, “The One For Me”, “All Day All Night” released during 2020/2021/2022. The EP “Alièn” reaches the No.1 on the iTunes’ electronic chart and its short-film is premiered at Giffoni Experience. She also collaborates with Istituto Marangoni London, focusing on sustainable and gender-fluid fashion, with the contribution of fashion designers like Angel Chen, Sandro Paris, Gilberto Calzolari, Giuseppe Fata, Karol Cygan, Andrea Roman, Alessandra Tacla and many others. Francesca’s press coverage includes major fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Grazia, GQ, Rolling Stones Italia, Kaltblut, Flanelle, Gmaro, Pump, Scorpio Jin, Tainted Mag, Ellements, Mover, Beyondall, Anon Fashion Mag, Hp mag, Vigour, Prime, Know, Malvie, Rebel, Horizont, Fienfh, Picton, collaborating with photographers like Giovanni Gastel, Giorgio Figini, Cesare Cicardini, Paolo Barretta and many others. We are very pleased to welcome Francesca along to the Dublin Castle tonight. And we are also very pleased to welcome back special guest Tizane..some 1980s pop dynamics and crafted uber pop with original soundscapes, and some incredibly naked and soul searching songcraft from this remarkable 20 year old talent. Vocally there's a hint of Delores of Cranberries but Tizane's a very original artist with a solo performance to stop you dead in your tracks. Heads were resolutely turned by her recent remodelling of Smiths and R.E.M classics too. Her band are tremendously tight and talented to boot, and with Tizane at the fore can kick it up a few gears and really motor into rocknroll territory, wonderful stuff.