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The SPIZZENERGI October Revolution 10th Anniversary Hallowe'en Party

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Healthy Junkies


The SPIZZENERGI October Revolution Hallowe'en Party- 10 Years ago today, Captain Kirk taught the band to play....or something like that. It was indeed 10 short years ago this very month Spizz stalwarts Luca, Ben & Phil became Spizzenergi Men. Very much the Aluminium Anniversary for the super rockin' souped up punknroll 21st Century Spizz show we now know and love, with the ever enigmatic and mercurial Spizz backed up by the finest kick ass musicians on the circuit. Always a great show, a joyous experience, Spizz in the Dublin with this remarkable band. They are sublime. Oh and it was Bugbear who midwifed that show ten years ago, so we're very pleased to helm this beauty too. And wooooo and indeed aaaaaargh and eeeeeek...tis Hallowe'en too I guess- so let's party. Come dressed to kill or be killed.