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Hype Lights, George Sanders & The Parallels, 2£T and Cosmic Cold War

Main Artist

Hype Lights


Hype Lights – from Lyon, France…a mix of pop/punk rock, alternative rock and has some metalcore influences, which allows them to create high contrasts and a powerful and an energetic atmosphere. The band mostly writes about the importance of never giving up, even in the worst difficulties where everything seems against us sometimes. Timely emotions! George Sanders & The Parallels -influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis, The Who & Foo Fighters, and rocking an agreeably rough hewn guitar wigout adorned set of wide eyed stompers. 2£T – ‘More than just a Punk Rock band, we are ready to fight the power! ‘Doublethink’ our new EP is out NOW on all platforms!’ Yes sir… Folk tinged punky protest, a tinge of Costello in the vocal and a bit of Frank Turner and The Levellers. Strident fun with attitude. Cosmic Cold War - Matching soaring melodies with crushing riffs, Cosmic Cold War’s international line-up delivers a unique blend of prog, groove and thrash metal inspired by literary and cinematic horror.