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Leogang, Royaltee, Harri Pick and Mr B And The Wolf
Alternative rock

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Leogang-sounding like a harder edged Lahndan Arctic Monkeys – as though they got a bit of Thin Lizzy pumped thru them perhaps, and a bit of punkiness. Big bristling indie rock songs with some wild vocalizing and impressive guitar work. Decent. Royaltee- A bright and breezy take on glammed out rock with a Kasabian meets 80s Cure indie rock feel, plenty of energy and dynanism. They’ve decent tunes too. Fab Harri Pick- Emotive folk tinged rock with a bit of a mid 70’s u.s west cost feel in places, really well executed, great band fronted by the fantastic voice of Harri Pick Mr B And The Wolf soulful AOR rock with a Pearl Jam type grunge element within…Nods to Led Zep and the Dobbie Brothers in places, decent.