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OK Cane


OK Cane - Young- VERY young band, but their mams and dads, big bruvs and sisses will be in attendance!... certainly all teens anyway, and impressively prodigious talents they are too, playing slinky, cool indie rock with a bit of a scally baggy vibe..tender years, but terrific talent. Blue Mar - raw and lofi but at the same time kind of commercial in a rootsy manner... Blue Mar ( Marcelo Deiss) has just finished recording an album. It’s a gritty, guitar-driven album with nostalgic/vintage sounds. He has a way of crafting shows that revolve around human connection and elicit a lot of energy and raw emotions, which is ideal for a lively audience. Charles Pam - imagine Ed Sheeren had a bit more funk and sass and er... sex in his performance... ladies n gentlemen, Charles Pam. Then again he also hits a suave and reflective Nick Drake like vein very well too, again with the soulful catch in the voice at all times, good material well performed. Rory Nellis - superior commercial rock pop chock full of flourishes and's got a bit of that Americana -cruisin-down-the -highway vibe, country rock nuances and some very nice low slung twanging guitar. New Album: Written & Underlined out now