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One-Eyed Disco, The Beautiful Game, Atom Beach, Eyeful and The Metropolitan Elite

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One-Eyed Disco


One-eyed Disco- Hook tastic edgy indie-punk, great stuff positively bristles with energy . there’s a bit of an artic monkeys vibe without really sounding like em, Fab. The Beautiful Game - Exciting and high energy indie pop with driving punky guitars and insistent hooks and convincing singalong choruses, have been compared to the Buzzcocks, which you can sorta hear, there's deffo a new wave element to this but it's more of an indie rock beast than a punk-pop one. The band's other influences include Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Libertines, The Jam, and The Strokes. Atom Beach - heart throb indie classicists with some edgy, crafted songs. Eyeful- E London band with an interesting array of angular guitars that criss cross in slow motion in a slightly avant garde manner…not exactly Beefheartian but certainly off kilter, strange time signatures and offbeat phrasing, but married up with a fairly accessible croon of a vocal. The Wave Pictures on acid kinda. The Metropolitan Elite are a London / Brighton electropop duo, formed by singer and guitarist Jamie Whelligan, and keyboardist and producer Joe Munro.