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Personality Crisis, Daddy Those Men Scare Me, The Dinz and The Blunders


Personality Crisis - A London based band playing high energy Rock and Roll & Punk Rock originals/classics from the sainted 1970s. Stooges, Damned, Dead Boys, Saints, Heartbreakers, Sex Pistols, Dictators, Buzzcocks, Devo, Dead Kennedys and more...perfect Queen Liz Two Platinum luvly jubbly Jubilee punk rock party participants, you'd have to say, fuggin brilliant too.Daddy Those Men Scare Me - the cheekiest and wittiest of cheekily witty punk pop is the order of the day with yer Daddies. Wry social comment thru the prism of kitchen sink new wave pathos. A bit of Dury, a bit of Mark P, a bit of Squeeze...but maybe really we're looking at a kind of Half Man Half Biscuit for Suburban London.The Dinz - 'Punk rock with a 1977 feel. A slice of anarcho with a funk twist'...not'alf...There's plenty of Pistols power and Machine Gun Etiquette era Damned anarchic joy, plus a marvellously malevolent Jello Biafra meets Feargal Sharkey vocal.The Blunders - Politically charged, attitude to the fore, telling us what for Punk Rock. The Clash via Gang Of  4 meets Alabama 3.  In part a bit of Subhumans/Citizen Fish too.