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The New Posh Club +PROJECT Concubine + Legpuppy + Palindrones + Megalash


The New Posh Club is a regular new 2022 club nite in the DC that will showcase cutting edge Nu Electro, Industrial, post punk and Cold Wave. Curated with Bugbear by..... Project CONCUBINE - electronic, alternative, dark house band. ..."if you have ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a Black Mass with Alice in Wonderland then look no further" -  Paul F Cook, Joyzine. Legpuppy- electro with attitude and conceptual pizzazz, plus a very healthy dose of searing satire...confrontational but inclusive, this is performance art with pop appeal, and artistically aware bangin' techno too. Anything could happen and probably will. Palindrones - "multi-instrumental duo creating expansive musical landscapes, mixing pounding, skittery beats and blistering synth drones with a lush ambience and a dusting of dreamy vocals here and there." New single 'Paroxysm' is a gorgeous, tinkling, chiming electro/artpop gem that could soundtrack any life affirming experience. Megalash - intriguing young 3 piece mixing up keys, drums and guitars to create unsettling neo psych.