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Shooting Galleries, Nymphic, Tricky Susan and Kooky


Shooting Galleries- High energy hard rock with aggressive rogue spirit. Despite being new to the scene Shooting Galleries are quickly carving out a reputation for themselves, owing to their powerful and invigorating live shows and catchy anthemic tunes! Now, finally releasing their debut EP.Nymphic- Raw, unrelenting, high powered riffage with rap-rock vocals to boot! Cutting their teeth through a series of DIY shows, this powerhouse are back from lockdown with a vengeance and are guaranteed to leave you thoroughly shell shocked! Tricky Susan-A four-piece post-punk-pop outfit formed in London, Tricky Susan immediately snatch your attention with their hook-centric tunes, influenced by the likes of Queens Of The Stoneage and No Doubt and an energy hard to eclipse. Kooky – all girl trio aspiring to a kind of post millenial Bananarama beat pop joy…also reminds of ’60s inspired ’80s beehive topped chanteuse Mari Wilson and profers forth a strange and striking blend of ’60s girl groups and ’80s dynamics. The songs are sassy and promise laden.