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The Spizz Annual Midsummer Party

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Spizz Energ


The Spizz Annual Midsummer Party hasn't actually happened since 2019 of course, so that's a bit of a weird one, but between 2013 and 2019 it's been a punk rock Summer staple up there with Rebellion, Undercover and getting sunburn on the shaved bits of yer mohawk. Not to mention falling over with heat exhaustion after too much snakebite and whizz. Please drink and snort responsibly. Any way, it's wonderful to welcome Spizz back to his Summer Dacha, always a legendary night out coz he's always a legend. Do I have to now mention 'Where's Captain Kirk'? Really. Really? Get your tickets now, while ya can. Voodoo Radio - a power pop duo based in Hammersmith, West London. Pop punk with gear Stooges rifferama, femme fronted and giving loads of tood and NRG. Some metal touches and a bit of Joan Jett/Suzi Quatro glam rock pop appeal, and singer Paige will certainly get some old punks swooning- and young uns for that matter. One of them nouveau punkier acts that are highly promising for the future of this rock we call punk. Neovenator - fresh from getting a nice studio tan with their svengali the one and only JC Carroll of The Members, these chaps may not be quite so very 'nouveau' but they certainly know how to place a power chord and a raffish melodic hook or ten. Bits of The Who, The Stranglers, Pil, you know...groovy gear. Hark? Do I hear an E.P dropping?