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The Floral Detectives, The Pastures, X Twenty Two and DJs


Floral Detectives- High energy Alt rock/punk/Garage outta the North, a luverly new 7 track mini album 'The Chase' ( available on all major streaming platforms and on CD on 1st June 2022) all ready for your pleasure and some major tour routing underway...including a stop off at The Dublin Castle, gotta be great. The Pastures - All about injustices and inequalities in today's society - with a Punk-Folk feel, having recently supported the likes of The Jar Family, Graveltones, Captain Hotknives, Space, China Shop Bull, Crazy Arm and Chainska Brassika. X Twenty Two - Americano style pop punk with wasp in a jam jar guitar breaks and raw righteous riffing and a definite Blink thingy Sum wossname Alien Ant Farm vibe. Rumbles along nicely with charm and singalongability. Tood dood!