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The HotKnives


The HotKnives - ah, coughing and spluttering and laughing yer arse off bent over the gas ring with a sawn off coke bottle as yer mum's best cutlery gets eternally blackened along with your throat and lungs. Heady daze. And then there's the brilliant band! First emerging in 1982, this amazing second wave of British Ska outfit quickly cultivated a massive following that has seen them through various lineups and reformations over the years. You can guarantee they are still a red hot hit of joy when it comes to getting yer dance craze on in a beautifully sweaty back room of a brilliant boozer... like The Dublin Castle. Promises to be a fabulous night out this. Polish up yer dancing loafers. Jack The Lad - 5 piece band playing their own British classics plus Punk Ska & Oi! from 1978 onwards, with a few obscure tunes thrown in for good measure. You wanna catch these guys live....Ave it!!!!! Cock Sparrer, Blitz, Ruts, Specials etc With added bounce from Bootboy Radio DJ s throughout the show plus DJs We Got Killers- kicking off with a connoisseurs punk, reggae n ska set natch, Supersonic Si and Tony Bugbear will keep you skanking til 2am. (free entry after 11.30pm)