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The New Sticky


The New Sticky - The New Sticky are real Freaky...and so is their debut single...'Freaky' that is. Freaky but fun, with an energized post punk sound predicated on a fizzing, vital performance. Very much in the much loved round these 'ere parts 'punk funk' think Fire Engines, Higsons, Contortions, Hell...there's even a touch of Haircut 100 here...Favourite Shirts, yes, but no Argyle sweaters and off far too much heat for that. Ace. Kitten Pyramid- Have garnered great reviews from The Guardian, Q mag, Prog mag and many more…take a Cardiacs type jaunty sound and combine it with some thoroughly Syd era Floyd whimsy and hard edged Crimson meets Tull passgaes , wig out Hendrix guitar, pastoral brass and a bit of Genesis too…but despite all those reference points highly original…neato new prog! Death Of The High Street - Elements of Fat White Family and a possible nod to Sleaford Mods in the vocal delivery, a damn fine post punk noise. Plus DJ Fuzz til late