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The Skylarks, Slow Like A Feeling, Great Northern Pike, Jodie Brown and Twin Noir

Main Artist

The Skylarks


The Skylarks – fashion their louche indie quirk pop as ‘Lounge Punk’ and yes, we agree. So pull up a chez longue and fire up the fondu, the James Lasts of rocknroll are in town. Slow Like A Feeling – Electronic beats with postpunk nuances, giving us an interesting blend of ’80s sounds with hard-hitting guitar accompaniment as well as some unique/nostalgic vocals. Great Northern Pike – Great name for starters…and some rather ace chugging math rock that references Sonic Youth at their experimental best or And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead…enigmatic, youthful, challenging. Jodie Brown – female solo artist with band…a lot going on here, breathy punk tood, spacey art rock passages, moody blues psych with edgy, steamy sections…great work, all topped off with a beastly angst and sass ridden bellow, part Siouxsie part bluesy….interesting artist. Twin Noir- deliciously deviant dark wave German outfit.