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Thee Mighty Saint Pancras


Thee Mighty St Pancras – Twangy guitars and lots of reverb takes you into the zone of a spooky Joe Meek offcut, although they say they are a punk rock band…Sure enuff punknessness hits, but I’m getting a mid ’60s Brit beat vibe too- The Birds, Yardbirds, Downliners Sect etc… featuring Peter Wooding from London Dirthole and Hercules II …nice eery, wispy vocal. Garage blues punk. Grand…The Green Brothers- ‘The Green Brothers’ are a three piece indie/punk band from Essex. Consisting of brothers George and Albert Greenhalgh alongside good mate Charlie Pitt, they have been relentlessly gigging the London/Essex/Cambridge scenes.“When it comes to getting a crowd going, The Green Brothers have got the goods. The Essex gang serve up choppy bouncing indie with a side order of enticing darkness. The band are already causing a stir – and it’s only their second single.” – GigSlutz. The Bronsons– pub rock and rhythm n booze revivalists in a Brinsley Scwartz via Ducks Deluxe sense, plus a bit of acidic Dr Feelgood punky boogie woogie oh yes. The Count Bishops and The Inmates are also reference points via a little counter cultural trippy blues. A great night out in themselves. The Moonlight Dog Walkers Raunchy rock 4 piece form Sheppey in the same vein as Electric 6, neat