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Jess Jocoy and Roseanna Jones

Main Artist

Jess Jocoy


JESS JOCOY makes atmospheric Americana for rainy days and twilight hours. It's an ethereal sound with organic roots, anchored by a longtime love of country music, a storyteller's nuanced delivery, and a folksinger's finesse. A sound that blurs the lines between genres, creating its own blend of twang and texture along the way, described as "the growth of an exciting songwriter, destined to be one of the greatest of her generation" by Alan Cackett, renowned Journalist and Broadcaster. Support from ROSEANNA JONES, perhaps best known as one half of Worry Dolls. Now solo, Jones carries over her love for country and Americana into her brilliant solo music. From strong songwriting to powerful vocals, ROSEANNA JONES is making bold steps forward in her music, and will be sure to knock the audience for six as she opens up for Jess Jocoy.