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Jess Morgan

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Jess Morgan


Jess Morgan is one of the UK's most distinctive singer-songwriters. Unforgettable vocals and lyrics that read like three minute novels, there are few musicians in the UK who are better able to catch an audience in their hand and keep a hold of it for every moment they are on stage. We're particularly excited to be hosting Jess for her first gig in over two years. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with an incomparable talent over the course of a lazy weekend afternoon. ROSEANNA JONES is perhaps best known as one half of Worry Dolls. Now solo, Jones carries over her love for country and Americana into her brilliant solo music. From strong songwriting to powerful vocals, ROSEANNA JONES is making bold steps forward in her music, and will be sure to knock the audience for six as she opens up our latest Folkroom Green Note Matinée.