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Rob Quo and Pearl Fish

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Rob Quo


A contemporary folk/blues performer, ROB QUO is a prolific singer/songwriter; emotive & humorous in equal measure, his songs touch on the human experience with lyrical grace and a melodic simplicity which is uniquely his own. This will be a special show featuring a selection of choice collaborators and a setlist sampling all 4 of Rob's recent releases from a 12-month period late 2020/2021. PEARL FISH From South East London's buzz and the UK waterway's flow comes contemporary folk artist and composer Pearl Fish with songs that offer a space for hope, melancholy and honesty. January 2022 saw the release of her EP Moves Through Matter to a packed out Matchstick Piehouse theatre showcasing a five track project of tender, thoughtful and sometimes angry pennings of growing up in a space of political anxiety amidst the tribulations of personal growth and exploration. This soundscape begins to bridge the nu-folk of her 'finely crafted' (Andrew Vaughn) demo EP in 2018 and the kaleidoscope of sounds 2022 will see.