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The latest project from Acid Jazz superstars Brand New Heavies founder/songwriter and drummer Jan Kincaid, as he teams up with fellow ‘Heavy’ and renowned vocalist Dawn Joseph to bring MF Robots to the Jazz Cafe for their biggest show to date. Kincaid and Joseph met when Dawn joined the Heavies in 2013, the pair clicked instantly and found a spark as a new collaborative writing team. The duo aims to create a brand-new sound that draws inspiration from across the spectrum of musical styles and influences. “We want to provide a little escapism for the soul” explains Jan Kincaid, “providing exciting energy and music that is both current and able to stand the test of time.” Music For Robots launched onto the scene in 2017 with their debut single, ‘The Night Is Calling’, and followed this with the funked up grooves of their second track, ‘Come On With The Good Thing’ (both tracks taken from their self-titled debut album). With a brand-new groove from two well-established artists, MF Robots fuse musical styles in their unique and eclectic way.