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The Sisters of Mercy


The Sisters Of Mercy is 40 this year and will play 3 special shows at London’s Roundhouse. It howls, it’s grindingly beautiful, and it’s probably heading your way. New and hence unreleased songs make up half of any Sisters set these days, although the classics get a good thrashing in rotation. Having derived their light show from the Big Bang (gleefully inventing rave lighting in the process), the Sisters see no reason to tone it down, and will be exploding in all their usual glory at the next suitable opportunity. Metal Hammer: [the Sisters are…] “a lean glittering groove machine for the new millennium, leaving the sullenly anachronistic reformations of their contemporaries far behind.” The Sisters Of Mercy are Andrew Eldritch: vocals Ben Christo: guitar and backing vocals Dylan Smith: guitar and backing vocals Ravey Davey: nurse to the Doktor Doktor Avalanche: drums etc