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After The Flames


After the Flames: What is there? Smoke? Ash? Some charcoal that you’ll pocket as a thrifty addition to your art supplies box? Nothingness… Not if these five fellas have anything to say about it!Brace yourself, for their cabaret of chaos has come calling (and it’d be a shame if you missed out on all the fun)…The five founding friends (hailing originally from Brampton via St. Albans) forged a bond at an early age, stemming from their shared love of music (particularly music-of-the-most-raucous-variety). Their tunefully-gnarly blend of post-punk, emo and alternative rock (a mood summed up by the band themselves as “Obsidian Pop”) stems from a melting pot of influences snatched from all over the musical-map: A quaff of Queen. A measure of Maiden. A glug of Green Day. A belt of Bowie. A dram of Danny Elfman. A thimbleful of Thin Lizzy. The band have taken to describing their own songs as little “Hans Zimmer Hemorrhoids,” due to the fact that, “as soon as you’re hit with that first chord you’ll be up on your feet and you won’t want to sit back down!”Taking a delightfully old-fashioned DIY approach to bandom, the five live together in a cramped two-bedroom flat in North London and spend every available moment working; either on music or something else tied into their plans (their “Grand Dominance” as they describe it, with tongue-fully-in-cheek). From designing and printing their own merchandise, making their (as yet unreleased) music videos, all the way up to writing short stories to flesh out the world behind their songs. With all that going on there’s plenty for any fearless listener to sink their ear-teeth into!Playing live is where the band feel most at home, unleashing their own personal brand of barely-controlled-chaos on whomsoever is brave enough to join them. There’s stratospheric strutting, guitars whirled every which-way and back again, amps cranked to “have a good time all the time, that’s my philosophy Marty levels” – just the way it should be!It’s been a long time since they’ve been able to loudly let loose and, with their first single-proper due to arrive ahead of the show at The Black heart, they’re ready to prove that they deserve your attention.