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J.WAIL ft/ Special Guests w/ Muttnik, Grateful Dudes Acoustic Duo, Darcy Louch, Tilda Allie

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J.Wail Live Band is a collaboration of musicians from different realms who have come together to melt and fuse live instruments with sounds of their electro funkiness. This November, J.Wail is headed to Europe with an all-star lineup featuring members of The Grateful Dudes for one special evening in London. Melding together the sounds of funk, electronic beats and a live band, J.Wail and an array of special guests, rise to the call of the sonic traffic controller- creating a realm of joy, funky flavors, and euphoria for all. The dance floor becomes the launch pad where the band fuses live instrumentation with organic electronica propelling mind, soul, and booty into the upper stratosphere of sound. Stretching into the electro funk based dance sound with the approach of a live band, J.Wail encompasses mind bending music with the element of surprise and improvisation. On a quest to spread music, tours have logged stops on many corners of the globe and far off galaxies. “Wailien” dance parties have been spotted in North America, Asia and Africa. Guests of the show are ALWAYS encouraged to dress in their finest “Wailien” attire.