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Matthew Crampton – Have a Banana!

Main Artist

Matthew Crampton


‘The more you sing, the more you learn,’ declares Matthew Crampton at the start of this “academic workshop” into singalong and popular music. It’s a fun show which asks the big questions: Why are some old songs, especially music hall classics, still potent today? Why do humans crave singalong? And what is it about bananas? But mostly it’s a show of bad jokes and lots of singalong. Come sing chorus medleys from popular music (music hall to punk rock), gospel and World War One. And enjoy in full some classics such as The Man on the Flying Trapeze. Woven through the singalong are facts and insights. Back in 1910, for example, there were three million pianos in Britain, one for every 15 people, so Saturday night saw singing down every street. How do you create a comic song? And why is syncopation the enemy of singalong?