Hot blood emotion mixes with energetic stage antics and rock’n’roll attitude, making this gig a messy, grungy noise fest. Rock quartet Grace Solero were on fine form. There was hair tossing, headbanging, and a band of effortlessly cool musicians.

London-based rock band, Grace Solero have been playing the circuit regularly for the last few of years and toured extensively, playing both intimate clubs and huge outdoor festivals. These guys have been around the block, and all that experience has paid off – their performance at the Latin Groove Lounge Club was electric.

Singer Grace’s intense stage presence, the band’s grungy vibe, excellent guitar-playing and strong drumbeats all combined to make Grace Solero the band to see live. The set list for the show consisted of a mix of both new material and songs from albums, Hundred Years Apart, Awake and New Moon.

Grace is captivating, pouring attitude into the microphone, and the band’s performance at Camden Rocks was explosive. The short, uproarious gig left a big impression on everyone in the crowd – these guys know how to pack a punch.

The Latin Groove Lounge Club feels like someone’s basement, even though it’s on ground level in the heart of Camden. The dark, intimate room was rocked by this rowdy group of old school rockers. The small space is perfect for this kind of gig – it’s noisy, it’s close, it’s intense, it almost feels claustrophobic, but in the best way.

Grace Solero have their own particular sound – gritty noise. They’re clearly inspired by grunge greats like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, old school rock like Led Zeppelin, folky rockers like Jeff Buckley and Johnny Cash. The result of all of these inspirations and influences is a rock noise extravaganza – these guys do their own thing and they love doing it.

Grace’s powerful voice is versatile, ranging from emotional and vulnerable to audacious and angry. Her intimate and raw vocals mix perfectly with explosive guitar riffs and strong drum lines for an arresting sound and an electrifying performance.

Since the stage is small, you get up close and personal with the band. It’s like being shut in a garage with a top band. Intense. These guys know how to whip up energy in the crowd, and their sound works perfectly live.

Grace Solero live
Grace Solero playing the Dublin Castle. Source: grace solero

“Zoom through the city lights, another night another fight/And when you think you’ve got it all, you’re flying high then lose control” – Grace Solero, Electro

Heartfelt lyrics and Grace’s passionate vocals also meant it was a pretty emotionally intense gig. The crowd were mesmerised by the band’s well-designed classic rock/gothic noise. The crowd gave as good as they got, returning the wild energy of Grace Solero, who were clearly loving the attention. The band member’s personalities and musical prowess meant this was a brilliant performance at this Camden Rocks event.

Grace Solero regularly play round London, so head down and check ’em out. In the meantime, have a listen online – here’s a roundup of a couple of our favourite songs by this band of mavericks:

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