Ash. That summer holiday, in the park, bunking off school, drinking cider feeling that came along with the 90s and Britpop – the type of tracks you can sing and dance drunk to.


Ash took their name from the first word they found that they liked when looking in the dictionary. They formed in Northern Ireland back in 1989 – Mark Hamilton and Tim Wheeler had been playing together since they were 12 after both receiving guitars for Christmas.

The sound is a mix of classic indie, Britpop and power pop. Think a mix of Teenage Fanclub and the Pixies. Their biggest hits include grungy, romantic song “Shining Light” with the lyrics “These are the days you often say, there’s nothing that we cannot do, beneath a canopy of stars I’d shed blood for you”.

Following a European tour and the release of their new album Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years of Ash, they’re likely to be playing all the old favourites. This is definitely a bit of a nostalgia trip but it doesn’t mean they’re not worth catching up on beforehand and grabbing a ticket anyway.


Check Out:

  1. Burn Baby Burn
  2. Girl From Mars
  3. Goldfinger

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