Tuesday night at eight. Camden Live continues to bring the live music from artist’s homes straight into yours.

This isn’t Elton John doing an impression of Vic Reeves’ pub singer, inexplicably swooning from the sanctitude of the basketball court of his Old Windsor mansion…No! This is raw and this is real, and this is truly live! Peer into some of our favourite artist’s homes and witness the place where they create, work, relax, and struggle along with the rest of us.


One of the unexpected joys of life under lockdown has been that anything could happen buzz as musicians ‘go live’ and bare their souls to us at the mercy of the live stream.

There is a lovely blend of styles ready for you here with the classic rock sound of Camden-based the Heat Inc kicking things off – I hope their neighbours have had a note slipped under the door. French band Ninety’s Story then bring us catchy bass-fuelled indie pop. They have had a single released by Kitsune Musique who have long been one of the endroit pour être for fresh and melodic synth-pop. Check out Kikuyu.


Country-tinged Americana from Texas’ Grace Pettis closes the evening. She sings tentative songs with a touch of the Phoebe Bridgers about them. Check out her latest single ‘Landon.’ Is this a first name or is she is referring – in her native accent – to an experience she had in our beloved capital I wonder?

Find out right here.



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